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We know how overwhelming hair loss and scalp health concerns can feel. Especially when you find yourself trapped in the online advice space, trying product after product without seeing any positive results or ever speaking to a real person and getting to the root cause of your hair or scalp issue.

Our qualified team of trichologist specialists can help you to break that pattern and get you a personalised diagnosis with a plan and answers to your questions.

Specialising in hair and scalp health, our trichologists use their knowledge and experience to cut through the confusion. Our approach is science backed and professional but never lacking in care and consideration.

We’re able to offer you all of this from the comfort of your own home with our online hair loss and scalp health consultations.

Following your diagnosis, a skilled Root Cause Clinical trichologist is with you to reassure and support you at every step. Book your online trichology consultation now and take that first step on your journey to hair loss and scalp health recovery.

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“Clinical diagnosis is determining the nature of a cause of a condition, based on signs and symptoms.”


We are your independent, professional trichologists offering expert advice on your hair loss and scalp health. Our initial consultation offers far more than many other services and products available to you.

Your initial pre-consultation survey which arrives in your email in-tray as soon as you book, is designed to help your trichologist get as close to a pre-consultation diagnosis as possible, so that your appointment is focused on them answering your specific scalp health and hair loss questions.

We will take the time to talk in depth with you about your diagnosis to help you completely understand the cause and to develop your personalised treatment plan. Your emailed post-consultation report aims reaffirm all the information discussed during your consultation and to give you actionable steps to follow, but if more help is needed our trichologists are with you every step of the way. See all pricing below.

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