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Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation

Our trichologists provide an accurate diagnosis from a detailed one-hour initial consultation either in person or online.

Utilising our extensive experience and our wide-ranging diagnostic network we put together a picture of contributing symptoms and factors of all hair loss or scalp conditions.

At the end of your initial consultation, you will receive a clinical diagnosis in which we will clearly explain our findings and we will outline a coherent set of treatment options that are specifically relevant to you.

We will ensure that you understand your diagnosis and treatment options to quickly and effectively improve your hair density and scalp health effectively, you will also receive a comprehensive report of your consultation including helpful fact sheets.

Follow Up Consultations

Follow up consultations specifically designed to allow you to discuss your feelings regards your treatment programme and assess the progress of your treatment pathway.

These 30 minute appointments are often recommended to be booked between 3 and 6 months from the onset of your treatment pathway. This will allow the time necessary to reveal a proactive response.

During these consultations we review your initial consultation notes and clinically and microscopically assess the response of the hair follicles or scalp to the recommended treatment.

At this point we can then determine where the to continue the set treatment pathway or alter and adjust your treatment if required.

Genetic Consultation

Studies show there is a relationship between hair loss and a person’s unique genetic background.

This means that not every client responds to treatment pathways in the same way. Success of any form of treatment for conditions such as male and female pattern hair loss, excessively shedding hair or alopecia is dependent on your unique genetic profile and lifestyle factors.

Genetic testing is a service for clients that want to understand exactly what genetic factors may be causing the hair loss they are experiencing and what would be the most effective treatment pathway for that specific genetic background to treat and improve their hair density.

The results of genetic tests help your trichologists identify which hair loss treatments are most likely to provide the best results for you. Best of all the testing process is quick and simple and can be conducted in one of our clinics or online from wherever you are.

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A: Yes! And growing every day. Currently, we have French and Dutch speaking trichologists. Contact us if you would like to book a consultation.

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