Introducing DAKMATTER


As trichologists, we get excited about any product or service that support hair loss and/ or scalp conditions. We got even more excited when we knew a new product was being launched AND our Advisory Board Member Jacky van Driel-Nguene was part of the team behind it. Welcome to DAKMATTER.

Alexa and Jacky, DAKMATTER


What sets DAKMATTER apart is the formulation of organic products – not according to cosmetic prescriptions – but medical ones. The product range is accessible to everyone, regardless of ethnicity or hair texture. We are passionate about products and services that is accessible and useful to all – which is why we train our trichologists on racial bias – if you want to find out more about racial bias read our article HERE.

The DAKMATTER scalp line is cosmeceutical tackling itching, dryness, and dandruff.

What research does DAKMATTER rely on?

In a two year survey, 78% of the 51 participants experienced ‘healing or significant improvement’ in their scalp health.

Why are we excited about DAKMATTER?

We have seen some positive results with our clients relying on DAKMATTER products which is incredibly encouraging.


How can I try DAKMATTER?

If you are inspired to try a DAKMATTER product CLICK HERE to see the range of products they have available.

If you have a specific hair loss or scalp condition, we can advise about products as part of your initial video consultation – BOOK HERE NOW.

If you don’t have any specific hair loss or scalp condition but want some general hair health guidance such as hair growth contact us on and we can advise if it would be worth booking a consultation to discuss your preferences and needs before you invest in purchasing products from the DAKMATTER range.

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