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Did You Know?


Male Pattern Hair Loss is also known as Androgentic Alopecia (AGA).

16% of men aged 18-29 experience this condition, rising to 53% of men aged 40-49.

Without treatment, the condition often progresses in severity.

There is no cure for Male Pattern Hair Loss but we can manage and improve the effects.

Did you know minoxidil and anti-androgens are not effective for all men?

Speak to one of our qualified trichologists about genetic testing to make sure you get the most effective combination of treatment for you.

Initial Video Consultation Report

  • Speak directly with a professional after completing our pre-consultation survey. Up to 45 minutes with a detailed report outlining a likely diagnosis and treatment pathway

Genetic Video Consultation Report

  • For certain hair loss conditions, receive a genetic test posted to you, up to 45 minutes with genetic report with details of nutritional and hair loss insights to personalise treatment