The Gift of Feedback: Our Trichology Reviews


Many people fear feedback, seeing it as personal criticism or a way of undermining a company. But its true worth is in its gift to businesses ensuring standards are maintained. And of course the best ideas come from our clients! 

Most good businesses will invite client feedback – verbally and formally – and this can be done very simply through surveys or telephone calls. But Trustpilot, founded in 2007, focused on two things – assuring online products and services were authentic, and offering an independent resource to tell future clients that the product or service offers what it is actually promoting. 

Trustpilot scores are weighted – that is, you can get consistent five-star reviews but it will only award you an overall five-star rating when there is a considerable volume of reviews. That can make it hard for emerging businesses but also an incentive! 

Victoria Russell, co-founder of Root Cause Clinical, explains why this is their preferred client feedback mechanism,

“We wanted an independent resource that would show potential clients that we are serious about clients and serious about ensuring we can deliver what we offer. Some businesses simply hide their average/ poor reviews. We wanted to be upfront and show our clients we see their investment in taking their time to do a review as a gift.” 

We look at three things when using our trichology reviews: 

  1. Does our client experience reflect our impression of the experience? 
  1. Do our Root Cause Clinical values come through from the review? 
  1. Are there any ideas or reflections that can help our strategy? 

But there is also another side to reviews – it allows us an insight into how the hair loss video consultation has supported the client. It is hugely satisfying to see in black and white how the service has helped their hair loss and scalp concerns. 

Let’s get back to our values – we rely on reviews to see if this comes through. 

Building trust with our communities 

Showing empathy to all 

Being passionate about what we do 

Demonstrating fairness in our practices 

Our clients feedback means everything to us!

Our Root Cause Clinical reviews

One of our clients, Fiona, gave us some insight how empathetic we are perceived: 

“Wil, not only knows his stuff, but his understanding and emotional support is priceless to clients like myself, whose worries and concerns are magnified due to the upset that misdiagnosis regarding hair related issues can cause. His patience and reassurance is immeasurable both during consultations and follow up correspondence.” Trustpilot Five Stars 

Another client, May, used the consultation to challenge her medical support: 

“A very recent online consultation has given me the confidence to challenge opinion with regard to the root cause of my hair loss and I now feel validated in pursuing better medical treatment.” Trustpilot Five Stars 

The Root Cause Clinical standard is critical to our business model so we also want to ensure that this works every time. Sophie, a client, confirmed this for us: 

“A consultation formatted step by step followed by a succinct report allowed me to understand my scalp health.” Trustpilot Five Stars 

So, to those clients who have submitted reviews and given us informal feedback, thank you! We do use it and we really appreciate it.  

Customer feedback tells you our online service is authentic

For those potential clients thinking about booking, please feel free to hear directly from our clients and read our reviews HERE. And of course, book your trichology consultation now! 

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