Root Cause Clinical Event: The Science of Hair


Founders of Root Cause Clinical

Thank you to all our attendees who benefited from our inaugural online event.

Our Science of Hair event began with co-founder of Root Cause Clinical Victoria Russell who introduced our two experts – Wil Fleeson CiT ART her fellow co-founder, and Jacky van Driel-Nguene Board Advisor.

Wil discussed how and when hairdressers should discuss hair loss and scalp concerns with their clients, and we had a range of questions from what signs to look out for when working with a client, how to approach the subject with a client, how to refer and work with a Root Cause Clinical trichologist. It was clear there was an appetite for learning about hair loss and scalp issues for hairdressers and other hair care practitioners.

Jacky discussed racial bias in supporting and diagnosing hair loss and scalp conditions in non-white afro-textured hair. There was a lot of discussion around how to support this community, how to check a trichologist has particular expertise in these conditions and how to ensure clients feel they are in a safe and welcome environment to discuss their concerns.

Our general Q&A session brought a lot of questions around hormonal hair loss, PRP, hair transplants, when to speak to the GP, when to reach out to a trichologist, and much much more.

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