Q: What is trichoscopy?


A: Trichscopy is an examination of the scalp and hair using a device - trichoscope. The examination provides in vivo information about scalp and hair shaft pathology providing magnified images. It is non-evasive and provides no discomfort to the client. The device is normally hand-held.



Q: When is a trichoscope used?


A: It can be used to verify a likely diagnosis, or to provide additional evidence of the effectiveness of any hair loss or scalp treatment that is being used - for example, before and after images. 

It is a helpful alternative to hair sampling.

Examples of use include the analysis of scarring versus non-scarring alopecia, early androgenetic alopecia versus telogen effluvium, and the prognosis of alopecia areata.


Q: What do I need to do to prepare?


A: We recommend not to shampoo your hair at least two days beforehand as this may eliminate important physical signs. It also helpful not to use hair products that may mask your follicles or scalp, for example hairspray, gel, etc.

It is also helpful to be aware of make-up residue or a recent hair dye that may also mask the area that will be analysed.


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