Can Your Hairdresser Help with Your Hair Loss?


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Hairdressers are often the first to notice a change in their client’s hair or scalp health. They notice changes through thinning, scalp irritation or patchy hair loss. How can they help you?

Initial recognition of hair conditions can be invaluable and allow early treatment. Experienced hair stylists know how important it is to get the right treatment because experimentation, no matter how useful it feels, can delay effective solutions, add unnecessary costs, or even worsen the condition.

Hair stylists know their clients. They have invaluable knowledge of their clients’ hair, often over a long period of time. This insight can help identify if a referral to a trichologist practitioner is appropriate.

How can trichologists help?

Trichologists are another trusted advisor for clients, complementing the already excellent service received from their stylists. The Hair Society, based in U.S.A., recognises this powerful partnership, saying, “By understanding the early signs and partnering with a local medical professional, hair loss professional, hair loss centre, and/ or trichologist, salons can guarantee that their customers receive the most successful treatment options for their hair concerns.”1

Austen Thomson, hair salon owner

Many salons have treatments available such as specialist shampoos, and our Root Cause Clinical reports will confirm whether treatments such as those can be beneficial. Your hairdresser can also be a helpful observer to determine if a treatment is continuing to work effectively over weeks, months, and even years. Hair loss can be slow and gradual, and hair regeneration can also be slow and gradual.

The partnership of hair stylists and trichologists can provide knowledge, care, and consideration for a client.

Take Austen Thomson, for example. Austen is an experienced, award-winning salon owner in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital. He referred his client, Elizabeth*, in her 40’s, to Root Cause Clinical after noticing diminished hair thickness.

During our online consultation with Elizabeth, we identified diffused hair density due to telogen effluvium, triggered by several medical reasons, including macrocytic anaemia, personal stress, anti-depressant medication and infection. Blood tests, dietary and well-being advice provided her with a treatment pathway.

Austen continued to monitor his client’s hair to review the density and provide emotional and motivational support during her journey, as only hair stylists can do with their long-standing clients!

“I saw Elizabeth in the salon and was taken aback by the amount of hair loss she had experienced in such a short time since I last saw her. She was so upset, and she was explaining her hair was coming out in clumps and was at a loss as to what to do. She was reluctant to have her hair coloured in case it exacerbated the hair loss. As her hair stylist, my instinct was to refer her to a trichologist for an accurate diagnosis of what might be happening.”

Austen Thomson, hair stylist

If you are a hairdresser, contact us to learn more about our services or refer a client to us. We regularly support industry events to introduce our consultations. Contact us on

If you are anxious about a hair loss condition, speak to your hairdresser and discuss how they, alongside Root Cause Clinical, can support you in your health journey.


1 Lenniger, Shea “How hair salons can provide the best treatment options for hair loss” The Hair Society, 24/3/2019

* name changed for anonymity

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