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Our philosophy is helping people in their overall health journey, primarily by providing knowledge and education around a hair loss or scalp condition, and signpost individuals towards effective treatments.

We are also looking to support and partner organisations that also help our clients or work towards hair loss/ growth and scalp solutions.

This includes Cancer Central, an amazing platform that works with most of the UK cancer research organisations and provides help and information for those affected by cancer. After treatment, hair growth and maintenance are often something patients want to focus on. Cancer treatment can have a significant effect on hair loss on the scalp and also the body. While treating hair loss during cancer treatment is not normally possible, if hair growth post-treatment is difficult we can provide advice.

Another organisation we support is Community-Based Hair Loss Advisory Service, whose aim is to empower the community through hair loss education including counselling for cancer patients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, facing their fears during their healing journey, counselling and advice to tackle hair loss problems.

If you have a social enterprise, charity, organisation or research institution that provides supports or research to our typical client base, please get in touch so we can see how we can work together including offering complimentary event spaces, in-house talks, funding research projects and joint campaigns.

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